Grade The Trade: What a speculated Devin Booker trade to the Knicks would look like

What would a potential Devin Booker trade to the New York Knicks look like?
Phoenix Suns v New York Knicks
Phoenix Suns v New York Knicks / Rich Graessle/GettyImages
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New Booker Trade Knicks speculation

What the blockbuster deal between the Knicks and Suns would look like

Considering it's already been reported that the New York Knicks would be open to giving up almost everything outside of Jalen Brunson for Devin Booker, it's unlikely that the Phoenix Suns would want that type of deal. It should be understood that if the Suns get to the point where they're ready to trade Booker, it's probably because the team is about to pivot toward a rebuild. Under that pretense, any Booker trade would likely be centered around future draft picks and/or young players.

Since the Knicks already traded two of their prime young building blocks in the NBA Trade Deadline deal for OG Anunoby, they would resort to a package centered around four future first-round picks - and that may not even be enough. In totality, the Knicks would include Mitchell Robinson, Julius Randle (for salary purposes), Miles McBridge, and four future first-round picks to the Suns for Booker.

This is the type of move that the Knicks have been building toward (and preparing for) for the past half-decade. Where both teams would be heading into these speculative negotiations, both would likely exit happily from this level of package.