Houston Rockets: 8 Star trade targets worthy of swapping the No. 3 overall pick for

Identifying eight star trade targets the Houston Rockets should be willing to trade the No. 3 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft for.
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Jonathan Kuminga, Golden State Warriors

Even though the Golden State Warriors maintain that they have no interest in trading Jonathan Kuminga, the Houston Rockets should at the very least make a phone call to ensure they're not willing to change their mind on that front. If the Houston Rockets were to include the No. 3 overall pick in a potential package in exchange for Kuminga, the Warriors would have to listen. Who knows if Golden State would accept such an offer, but it would at the very least emerge as a potential discussion.

Kuminga would be considered a great fit next to Alperen Sengun and could also benefit from a bit of a change of scenery in Houston. He would help the Rockets take another step forward while also maintaining their young timeline. If this season was any indication, it seems that Kuminga is ready to make another jump in his development as a player.

Quite frankly, there's no guarantee that the Warriors will give him the role that he needs to flourish as an individual player. In Houston, there'd be more of an opportunity for him to find his second breath in the league.