How rising NBA star Anthony Edwards has quickly become a historic playoff performer

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been dominant in this year's playoffs, led by their superstar guard Anthony Edwards, who is quickly becoming a historic playoff performer.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Denver Nuggets - Game Two
Minnesota Timberwolves v Denver Nuggets - Game Two / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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Anthony Edwards' playoff performance has been historic for his age

To truly understand just how dominant Edwards has been in the playoffs early on in his career, we need to look at some advanced numbers that attempt to capture how impactful he’s been and we can see where his playoff performance stacks up historically.

Right now, Edwards ranks second in this year’s playoffs in box plus-minus behind Nikola Jokic, with an insane mark of 11.1. If he has a strong series vs. the Nuggets, he could take that number one spot from the league MVP.

When we look at his entire playoff career up to this point and where his performance stacks up to other players with at least 15 playoff games through their age 22 season, you’ll see that Anthony Edwards ranks second in box plus-minus behind just Luka Doncic and ahead of all-time greats like LeBron James and Magic Johnson.

Simply put, Anthony Edwards has been unbelievable in the playoffs through the first four seasons of his career. His ability to operate as a primary ball handler and perimeter shot creator is insane for his age and this combined with his very solid playmaking makes him a terrific offensive player in the postseason. On top of this, he’s giving you plus defense, which is just icing on the cake.

Some people may worry about his three-point shooting and whether or not this is sustainable, but I think he has shown that he doesn’t need to shoot extremely well from behind the arc to be a dominant player. All in all, I have been extremely impressed with his postseason play over the last three years and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here. If he ever becomes a really good playmaker, I think he will have what it takes to lead a team to a championship.

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