Why James Harden, evolved LA Clippers offense are destined for an NBA Finals run

The LA Clippers have been one of the best teams in the league this season, largely thanks to their elite offense that was transformed by James Harden.
Los Angeles Clippers v Atlanta Hawks
Los Angeles Clippers v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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James Harden has changed the LA Clippers’ offense

Right now, the LA Clippers have one of the top offenses in the NBA. Over halfway through the season, they are averaging 120.8 points per 100 possessions, the third-best mark in the league and the best their offense has been since 2021.

One of the biggest reasons why their offense has taken a step forward is the addition of James Harden. The Clippers traded for Harden in October and the results have been fantastic. Harden himself has been quite productive, averaging around 17 points, five rebounds, and nine assists per game on 63.8 percent true shooting. His scoring volume doesn’t pop off of the screen, but he has been an elite 3-point shooter, his scoring efficiency is fantastic, and he’s been an amazing playmaker.

Putting a player like this next to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who are both having strong seasons, is a recipe for greatness. This trio has played together for a little over 868 minutes this season and the Clippers have had an offensive rating of 124.6 with these three players on the floor. With their three stars on the court, the Clippers have one of the most efficient offenses in basketball history.

Even when one of these players goes to the bench, the team continues to be insanely productive. The sample size of minutes played is much smaller when looking at lineups with just two of these players, but all of the evidence shows us that these three players have taken the Clippers’ offense to a whole new level.