Joel Embiid workout video surfaces as he inches closer and closer to return

Joel Embiid workout video surfaces as he continues to tease a return for Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors
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Joel Embiid workout video surfaces as he inches closer and closer to a return for the Philadelphia 76ers ahead of the start of the NBA Playoffs.

Less than two weeks before the end of the regular season, teams across the league are attempting to put themselves in the best position for the NBA Playoffs. The Philadelphia 76ers are one of those teams. With just a handful of games left, the Sixers are currently projected as a Play-In Tournament team in the Eastern Conference. Unless something drastically changes, the Sixers are going to have to earn their way into the final playoff field in the East.

As that remains the case, the good news is that they could get a huge jolt of momentum at some point before the end of the regular season. That's because there's a growing expectation that Joel Embiid is expected to make his return from injury before the start of the NBA Playoffs.

With a workout video released via Twitter of X, Embiid's return is being teased as something that appears to be on the verge of happening. In the workout video, Embid looks really good and has the look of a player who could make a return as soon as this week.

Joel Embiid could spark the Philadelphia 76ers toward an unlikely playoff run

Even if the Philadelphia 76ers enter the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed, there's a case to be made that they could make an unlikely run down the stretch. With Embiid this season, the Sixers looked like a legit NBA championship contender that could play with any team. Without him, they've been average at best.

The big question for the Sixers is whether Embiid will return in MVP form or if he's going to be limited. If Embiid is able to return to MVP form, the Sixers could make a surprise playoff run similar to what the Miami Heat was able to do last year. Who knows if they have enough talent to make it all the way to the NBA Finals but they could certainly make a first-round series interesting, at the very least.

Unless, of course, they match up with a team like the Boston Celtics. Then, all bets are off. The Sixers could potentially give a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers or even the Milwaukee Bucks fits in a potential first-round series, but the Celtics look overwhelming where it may not matter if Embiid is back or not.

Either way, Embiid looks ready to make his return to the Sixers. Now it gets interesting in the Eastern Conference.

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