Kyrie Irving reflects on time with Celtics as he prepares for battle in NBA Finals

It's quite a coincidence that Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving will be facing his former team when the 2024 NBA Finals begin.
Irving will face his former team in the 2024 NBA Finals.
Irving will face his former team in the 2024 NBA Finals. / David Berding/GettyImages
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What can Kyrie Irving expect from Celtics fans at TD Garden?

Even though a lot of Kyrie Irving's former teammates have expressed love and admiration toward him, the fans may feel differently. He can expect to be booed loudly whenever he takes the floor at TD Garden as the Celtics fans will want to let Irving know that they may have forgiven him but they haven't forgotten, and those fans are not going to allow Irving to be comfortable in that building for one second.

If booing Irving every time he touches the ball makes the fans feel like it gives the Celtics an advantage, those fans may get uncontrollably loud as the Celtics have one of the most frenetic fanbases in all of sports. During the Mavs media availability, a reporter asked Irving how he would sum up his time in Boston with the Celtics.

"It is just another chapter in my life, knowing that I got to enjoy it for the most part. We had a great opportunity to do some special things, but it was cut short just based off personal reasons on my end."

Kyrie Irving

We can only imagine how dangerous that Celtics team would have been if Irving had remained in Boston, but there also exists the possibility that the duo of Tatum and Brown would never have developed into the players they are now. Irving explained how proud he was of the duo's success and was happy about the progress they made since he left.

"They have improved tremendously, made a few all-star games since I left, ECF MVPs. I am proud of those guys for what they have been able to do. I left a lot of good wisdom with them, tried to give as much advice while I was there and also when I went to Brooklyn and came to Dallas. Just being able to extend a brother-to-brother relationship and letting them know I have their back no matter what. "

Kyrie Irving