Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Trade targets that may appease LeBron James enough to re-sign

Exploring three trade targets that may be enough to get LeBron James to re-sign long term with the Los Angeles Lakers.
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Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

Over the last few months, there hasn't been a more polarizing trade candidate on the open market than Zach LaVine. He was prominently on the Los Angeles Lakers' trade radar and then he wasn't. Heading into the final week before the deadline, I'd have to imagine it's a conversation that at least gets a second chance in the front office - especially if Los Angeles isn't close on any other front.

While I understand all the reasons why many don't believe that LaVine would be the answer for the Lakers. However, if LaVine is willing to embrace being a third option, I'm not sure how the Lakers can be all that opposed to taking a shot on his talent. In the past, there have been examples of players who didn't work out as leaders on one team to take a lesser role on another which led to career revivals. Most recently, we saw this play out with Andrew Wiggins and the Golden State Warriors.

Perhaps LaVine could be the next player to go from underwhelming as a No. 1 option to thriving in a No. 3 role. LaVine is a big enough of a name that LeBron would likely be appeased by such a deal. And if LaVine truly accepts his role as a supporting cast player, aside from his contract, it's not that terrible of an idea.