Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Trade targets that may appease LeBron James enough to re-sign

Exploring three trade targets that may be enough to get LeBron James to re-sign long term with the Los Angeles Lakers.
Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks
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Dejouonte Murray, Atlanta Hawks

Dejounte Murray being on this list should come as no surprise. After all, Murray has been considered as the Los Angeles Lakers' No. 1 target of late. Even though talks between the Lakers and Atlanta Hawks may not be in a good place at the moment, this is the type of trade that could completely change the trajectory for the Lakers not only this season but for the foreseeable future.

And it's not because Murray is going to be the lead star that the Lakers have been missing. No. It's because what Murray would be able to do as a third option is something that Los Angeles doesn't have consistently on their roster at the moment. Murray is averaging 22 points, five rebounds, and five assists on 47 percent shooting from the field and 38 percent shooting from 3-point range as a second option in Atlanta.

If he can be 80 percent of that player next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, he could be the addition at the NBA Trade Deadline that completely sparks this team down the stretch. Whether the Lakers and Hawks are able to find a middle ground before the trade deadline remains to be seen.

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However, these two things are clear; the Lakers want to make a splash addition at the deadline and the Hawks are open to trading Murray. LeBron would have to be gutted if this isn't a move that takes place. And if it does come to fruition, it's the type of move that could completely reinvigorate LeBron into the offseason.