Miami Heat: 4 Completely unlikely but fun trades to get LeBron James back to Miami

Could LeBron James end his career with the Miami Heat?
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The Miami Heat introduce Jaime Jaquez Jr. into trade discussions

Let's say the Miami Heat doesn't want to give up as much draft capital as they did in the first two offers. In that case, the Heat would probably have to get to a point where they're willing to include rising star Jaime Jaquez Jr. in a deal for LeBron James. And, quite frankly, I'm not sure the Heat would be all that opposed to such a move. While Jaquez has had a great rookie season thus far, he's not LeBron. And he's unlikely to ever get to that level of player.

If all it takes for Miami to get another 2-3 years of LeBron on the roster is sacrificing Jaquez, one future first-round pick, and two salary fillers, that's something the Heat likely does 10 out of 10 times. Especially if the Heat is truly serious about trying to win a championship in the Jimmy build.

Jimmy has maybe 2-3 years of high-quality basketball left and even that number may be high. Going all-in for the next couple of seasons is something Jimmy deserves from the Heat. And while Jaquez has been one of the best rookies this season, he certainly doesn't have the high ceiling that it takes to be considered an untouchable in this league. A LeBron trade to the Heat falling apart because Miami is unwilling to part ways with Jaquez simply doesn't make sense to me.