Miami Heat: 5-Step plan toward a near-perfect offseason to reemerge as contenders

How the Miami Heat can have a near-perfect offseason and reemerge as championship contenders next season.
Utah Jazz v Miami Heat
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Exploring five steps the Miami Heat need to take this offseason if they want to reemerge as championship contenders next year.

Excuses can be made for how this season ended for the Miami Heat, but there's no arguing that this team took a decent step back in their pursuit of an NBA Championship. And heading into the offseason, the pressure is on this front office to flip the script on what was a disappointing season.

The front office will have their hands full in their attempt to resurrect the Heat's standing as a championship contender in the Eastern Conference this offseason. But even though this year was a disaster for the Heat, there is a path back toward contention if they can put together a near-perfect offseason. We explore five steps the Heat must take if they want to reemerge next season as a contender in the East.

Step 1: Draft a high-ceiling prospect with their 2024 1st-round pick

One of the first decisions that the Miami Heat will have to make as it regards to the offseason is how they want to approach the NBA Draft. Their pursuit of a superstar aside, the Heat will have to use this pick to select a player before they're eligible to trade it. With the No. 15 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, the Heat should select a prospect with a high ceiling - one that will carry value on the trade market.

For what the Heat want to do later on this offseason, they're likely going to need to find value with this selection. A couple of prospects that could still be available when the Heat goes on the clock at No. 15 that would also represent players with high upside are Tidjane Salaun, Ja'Kobe Walter, Jared McCain, and Isaiah Collier. Of course, there are other prospects that would make sense too, but those are a few names that figure to be available for the Heat when they go on the clock.

Miami generally likes to pick prospects who are ready to play right away. In this specific draft, with the goals that they have heading into the offseason, I think they're better off taking a shot on a player with a high ceiling. That should be step 1 for the Heat this offseason.