Miami Heat: 5-Step plan toward a near-perfect offseason to reemerge as contenders

How the Miami Heat can have a near-perfect offseason and reemerge as championship contenders next season.
Utah Jazz v Miami Heat
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Step 4: Have a smart plan b if Donovan Mitchell doesn't become available

While landing Donovan Mitchell would be an ideal scenario for the Miami Heat this summer, they should also be prepared for the possibility that the Cleveland Cavaliers either end up re-signing him or trading him to a completely different team. If that ends up happening, the Heat has to have a solid backup plan. Unlike last year in which the Heat didn't have a pivot after whiffing in their pursuit of Damian Lillard, Miami needs to know what they're going to do next if their plans for Mitchell fall through.

That could be a trade target like Zach LaVine, Brandon Ingram, DeMar DeRozan, Paul George, Trae Young, or Dejounte Murray. Either way, if the Heat isn't willing to pivot toward a rebuild after missing out on Mitchell, they need to do something to improve the roster this offseason. They can't afford to head into next season with the exact same build. That would be a huge slap in the face to Jimmy and Bam.

It may not be too much of an ask, but heading into the thick of the offseason, the Heat needs more than one plan. And they must be prepared to make some difficult decisions.