NBA: 1 Bold New Year's resolution for every team heading into 2024

The turn of the calendar year will offer every NBA team a new opportunity for hope.
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Indiana Pacers

New Year's resolution: Find a veteran star to make a jump in the East standings

As expected, after a hot start to the season, the Indiana Pacers have cooled off over the last few weeks. The Pacers still have the best offense in the league, but they're still unlikely to finish as a top 6 seed in the Eastern Conference. The only way that will change is if they are able to acquire a veteran star at some point before the NBA Trade Deadline. But even if a move doesn't come at the trade deadline, not all hope is lost.

Heading into 2024, the New Year's resolution for the Pacers is to find a third star to alleviate some pressure off the shoulders of Tyrese Haliburton and to fuel the young supporting cast. Another star player would also help legitimize the Pacers among the rest of the Eastern Conference contenders.

Finding the right supporting star to place next to Haliburton could prove to be difficult for the Pacers but you'd have to think that they will have plenty of options. And, hey, maybe they do end up pulling off a deal at this year's NBA Trade Deadline instead of having to wait until next summer.