NBA: 1 Bold New Year's resolution for every team heading into 2024

The turn of the calendar year will offer every NBA team a new opportunity for hope.

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Oklahoma City Thunder

New Year's resolution: Explore making a big trade

Now that the Oklahoma City Thunder has an established young core that they could seemingly build around, this could be the time for the franchise to make a bold move. And considering the amount of future draft assets that they have over the next few seasons (11 first-rounders in the next four years), the Thunder is going to have to move some of those picks. It would make the most sense for Oklahoma City to use some of those draft picks in a trade.

With how good the Thunder have looked this season, there's an argument to be made that they should make a move for a veteran star that could help this team take another step forward in the Western Conference. Adding another dynamic wing scorer could be the way to go for OKC. Getting Shai Gilgeous-Alexander some help could be the difference in the Thunder making a deep run in the postseason and losing early.

Heading into 2024, the Thunder's New Year's resolution should be to make a big trade at some point - whether that be at this year's NBA Trade Deadline or during the offseason.