NBA: 1 Bold New Year's resolution for every team heading into 2024

The turn of the calendar year will offer every NBA team a new opportunity for hope.
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Cleveland Cavaliers

New Year's resolution: Get Donovan Mitchell to sign an extension

There's an argument to be made that the Cleveland Cavaliers' future will be greatly impacted by what happens over the course of the first few months of the 2024 calendar year. If the Cavs fall flat on their face in the second half of this season, there trade noise surrounding Donovan Mitchell is only going to rise. If the Cavs have a successful second half of the year and into the playoffs, there's going to be added hope and momentum that the team will be able to retain Mitchell in the long run.

For the Cavs, the team's New Year's resolution should revolve around getting Mitchell to sign a long-term extension with the team. At least thus far, Mitchell has decided to play the waiting game when it comes to deciding his long-term future. While that does make the most sense for Mitchell, it does leave the Cavs in an awkward situation.

The Cavs are still hopeful that Mitchell is eventually going to re-sign an extension with the team. It's hard to blame them considering this was the risk they were willing to take when they made the move for him a couple of offseasons ago. Either way, there should be a resolution to the Mitchell situation at some point in 2024.