NBA: 1 Burning question every team must answer during the final stretch run

Over the final stretch of the season, every NBA team will have at least one burning question to answer.
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Utah Jazz

Burning question: Should the team explore trading Lauri Markkanen?

The way the Utah Jazz have operated in the early stages of their rebuild is smart. They haven't made any rash moves and have managed to be somewhat competitive. However, at the same time, if they're ever going to completely lean into this rebuild, they have to make a decision on Lauri Markkanen. He's an All-Star caliber player that, if he's going to win in his prime, the Jazz probably need to start building around him now.

The unfortunate part of the Jazz is that even though Markkanen has proven to be a really good player, there are not many other players on the roster that can help him win now. And if Utah isn't completely devoting a build to Markkanen, they at least have to explore trading him. That seems like the fairest thing to do for Markkanen.

There were whispers that the Jazz would listen to blockbuster offers for Markkanen but their asking price is so high for him, there was no real traction on a potential move. The Jazz needs to decide what they want to do about Markkanen. That needs to be decided this summer.