NBA: 1 Burning question every team must answer during the final stretch run

Over the final stretch of the season, every NBA team will have at least one burning question to answer.

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Charlotte Hornets

Burning question: Is LaMelo Ball the face of the franchise?

At the NBA Trade Deadline, the Charlotte Hornets made the right decision in continuing to sell off their veteran assets. However, now that the true rebuild is here, there are some big questions that the Hornets will have to answer during the offseason. One of the biggest revolves around whether LaMelo Ball is indeed the next face of the franchise for the Hornets. Right now, the team is operating in such a way, but the team's continued struggles may tell a completely different story.

Ball continues to post big numbers up for the Hornets but hasn't had much of an impact through the early portion of his career when it comes to winning. Quite frankly, that may be more important for a rebuilding franchise than it is to post near All-Star numbers. Ball continues to struggle with his overall consistency, and has battled several injuries through the first few years of his career.

During the offseason, I'd be shocked if this conversation wasn't already taking place behind closed doors. As the Hornets look toward a new era for the franchise, it's far from a guarantee that Ball is unanimously part of those plans. At the very least, it's something to keep in mind.