NBA: 1 Christmas miracle every team should be hoping for this season

Exploring one Christmas miracle every NBA team should be hoping for this season.
Denver Nuggets v Brooklyn Nets
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Oklahoma City Thunder

Christmas wish: A trade deadline move to cement their contender status

If it feels as if the Minnesota Timberwolves are getting no love for their impressive start to the season, the Oklahoma City Thunder are somehow getting even less. The Thunder are sitting as the second seed in the Western Conference standings and it's hard to even realize the way the national media omits them from the general NBA conversations. Nevertheless, the Thunder may have finally arrived.

Admittedly, the Thunder may not be a true championship contender at the moment but the pieces are in place for this team to take that final next step soon. And what the Thunder could be hoping for this Christmas season is for the perfect storm heading into the NBA Trade Deadline in which the right move arises for them to make that final jump into contention.

Maybe that's a move for OG Anunoby or another two-way wing, but the fact that we're even talking about this possibility is a good sign for this team's build overall. The Thunder should feel good about where they stand at his point in the season. And it could get even better with a big move at the deadline.