NBA: 1 Christmas miracle every team should be hoping for this season

Exploring one Christmas miracle every NBA team should be hoping for this season.

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Charlotte Hornets

Christmas wish: Growth from Brandon Miller

The Charlotte Hornets look like a team that is well on their way to finishing the season with one of the 5 or 6 worst records in the NBA. In fact, the Hornets are on a worse win pace compared to last season in which they only won 27 games. However, with a highly-touted rookie in Brandon Miller, the hope is that there are enough encouraging signs this season that losing 50-plus games may be worth it in the end if it results in the continued development of the team's core.

And that should be the goal sitting atop the team's Christmas wish list. The Hornets should be hoping for Miller to continue to make strides in his game, hopefully resulting in him becoming the second-best player on the roster, behind LaMelo Ball, by the end of the season. Miller has had his moments this season, but that's far from a guarantee. The good news for the Hornets is that the talent is very much there.

Miller has had a solid start to his career in Charlotte but you'd like to see a bit more assertiveness in his game. Continued growth by the end of the season from Miller is what the Hornets have to be hoping for.