NBA: 1 Thing fan bases of all 30 teams should be rooting for to close season

What fans of every team in the league should be rooting for to close out the 2023-24 NBA season.
Denver Nuggets v Dallas Mavericks
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LA Clippers

1 Thing to root for: A healthy Kawhi Leonard

The last time we saw Kawhi Leonard healthy in the NBA Playoffs, he was leading the LA Clippers to the Western Conference Finals. And if it wasn't for a knee injury, which ended up being pretty serious, the Clippers probably make the NBA Finals that season (with all due respect to the Phoenix Suns). Because of that, it's no surprise that Clippers fans should be rooting for a healthy Kawhi to close this season.

Even before the acquisition of James Harden, this was a team that was always going to be judged by what they did in the NBA Playoffs. In order for the Clippers to consider this season a success, they have to make a deep playoff run. And if the West bracket falls in their favor (if they can avoid the Denver Nuggets in the second round), it wouldn't be all that surprising to see them make a run to the conference finals.

But even if they draw some favorable matchups in the playoffs, none of that will matter if Kawhi isn't healthy. He's the one player on their roster that drastically raises the team's ceiling to a championship level.