NBA: 1 Thing fan bases of all 30 teams should be rooting for to close season

What fans of every team in the league should be rooting for to close out the 2023-24 NBA season.
Denver Nuggets v Dallas Mavericks
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Boston Celtics

1 Thing to root for: Get to the NBA Playoffs healthy

For a team like the Boston Celtics, there isn't much left for their fan base to root for heading into the final few days of the NBA's regular season. However, if there is one thing that the fan base should be hoping for, it's that they get to the end of the regular season completely healthy. As dominant as the Celtics have been this season, the one thing that could potentially stand in the way of a dominant and deep playoff run in the Eastern Conference is the lack of health.

For the most part, if the Celtics are healthy, there aren't many around the league that are going to be picking against this team in a playoff series, no matter who they end up matching up against. But, for one reason or another, if the Celtics don't enter the playoffs with a healthy unit, all bets are off.

The Celtics have been generationally great this season. They should be preparing for a historic playoff run. An injury to one of their big-name players, though, and all of those championship hopes are suddenly in jeopardy. Now that they have everything locked up heading into the NBA Playoffs, the Celtics should be careful with how they approach this final stretch.