NBA: 1 Thing fan bases of all 30 teams should be rooting for to close season

What fans of every team in the league should be rooting for to close out the 2023-24 NBA season.
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New York Knicks

1 thing to root for: OG Anunoby to return from injury

With how good the New York Knicks have looked during the month of January, shortly after the acquisition of OG Anunoby, there's no question that Knicks fans should be rooting hard for a potential return of him before the start of the playoffs. When Anunoby has been healthy and active for the Knicks, they've looked like one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

Even without Julius Randle, who is now slated to miss the remainder of the season, the presence of Anunoby helps the Knicks transform into an entirely different team. If he is able to return before the playoffs, that could help this team get back into the championship picture.

However, without Anunoby healthy, this team has left much to be desired. Heading into the NBA Playoffs, the Knicks' success or failure is likely going to hinge on whether this team is healthy or not. If Anunoby is able to return, the Knicks could absolutely make a deep playoff run. But if he's not, you'd have to imagine this team could be in line for a premature playoff exit.