NBA: 1 Thing fan bases of all 30 teams should be rooting for to close season

What fans of every team in the league should be rooting for to close out the 2023-24 NBA season.
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Detroit Pistons

1 Thing to root for: Continued improvement from Jaden Ivey

To be perfectly honest, I don't think any Detroit Pistons fans would categorize this season as anything but a colossal failure. Heading into the start of the season, there was hope that the Pistons could emerge as a possible dark horse threat to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. However, after the first few weeks of the season, it quickly became apparent that was not going to be the case.

In what has been somewhat of a season in which they've taken a bit of a step back, the Pistons will have some interesting decisions to make this offseason. One of the biggest revolves around whether Jaden Ivey is going to be considered a big part of the team's future or not. What fans should be hoping for is that it all pans out for Ivey and his development.

The Pistons' offseason decisions get all the more simple if Ivey does end up panning out as a long-term prospect for the team. The hope is that the Pistons get some clarity on that front before the offseason arrives. However, that's far from a guarantee with how this season has progressed for the team.