NBA: 7 Budding stars that will become household names in 2024

There are several budding NBA stars that will take the next step in their games in 2024.
Orlando Magic v Washington Wizards
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Predicting seven budding NBA stars that will take the next step in their respective games to become household stars in 2024.

It's officially 2024. The new year will offer the opportunity for new stars to rise in the NBA. As is always the case, every year, there's a new slate of stars that emerge as household names. For the most diehard NBA fans, this is not much of a problem. Most diehard fans know the stars before they become stars.

However, for many casual fans, when a new star arises, the natural response is "Where did this player come from?" That's where we'll step in. In this article, we'll get you a head start on the star players that are "up next." As we head into the new year, we explore seven budding stars that are likely next in line to emerge as household names in 2024.

Editor's Note: I decided not to include Victor Wembanyama on this list considering how big of a star he already is with the casual NBA fan base. He's very much a star player that's going to become much more of a household name in 2024.

Honorable mention: Jaime Jaquez Jr., Miami Heat

With as much hype that has surrounded his play over the last month or so, Jaime Jaquez Jr. is certainly a candidate to be a player that is going to have a huge 2024 calendar year. In his last 19 games played, Jaquez is averaging 17 points, four rebounds, and three assists on 51 percent shooting from the field and 40 percent shooting from 3-point range while largely coming off the bench.

You'd have to imagine that it's only a matter of time before the Heat seriously thinks about inserting him in the starting lineup and perhaps that could happen late in the season and likely at the start of next season. There's a real argument to be made that he should win the NBA's Rookie of the Year award. Victor Wembanyama is almost certainly going to win the award but what he's managed to do this season on the Heat's veteran roster is nothing short of impressive.

And this could just be the beginning for the talented rookie out of UCLA. During the 2024 calendar year, I anticipate Jaquez becoming a much bigger star in the NBA.