NBA: Every team's best and worst contract heading into the offseason

Exploring every NBA team's best and worst contract heading into the offseason.
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Sacramento Kings

Best contract: Keegan Murray (2-years, $20 million)

Domantas Sabonis and De'Aaron Fox were two solid candidates to be named the best contract on the Sacramento Kings but Keegan Murray's continued development has to be included on this list. The fact that he's still developing as a young player should have Kings fans excited about what they could see out of him next year, in his all-important third season.

Year three is when we often see the biggest jumps in budding stars. If that remains to be true, Murray could make a sizable leap next year. If he does, this contract is going to look even better.

Worst contract: Kevin Huerter (2-years, $35 million)

Like many other well-run franchises, there isn't a ton of unnecessary fat on the Kings' roster at the moment. Though, Kevin Huerter is a player who has begun to regress over the last two seasons. So much so that it's not that outrageous to believe that perhaps he's become somewhat of an overpaid player. Again, even if Huerter is slightly overpaid, it's not a terrible deal. But for the sake of this exercise, the regression that he's made recently, he fits the description of being arguably the worst contract the Kings have.