NBA: Every team's best and worst contract heading into the offseason

Exploring every NBA team's best and worst contract heading into the offseason.

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Charlotte Hornets

Best contract: Brandon Miller (3-years, $38.4 million)

Considering that Brandon Miller is still in the early stages of his rookie deal, it should come as no surprise to see that he represents the best contract, considering the value and talent, that the Charlotte Hornets have on their roster. Even though he has had his ups and downs throughout his rookie season, he's still managed to average 17 points and four rebounds on 38 percent shooting from 3-point range.

If it wasn't for Victor Wembanyama, Miller would certainly be gaining substantially more publicity. Miller is just scratching the service on the player he can be, and has already been quite impressive during his rookie season.

Worst contract: LaMelo Ball (4-years, $157.7 million

The Charlotte Hornets don't have anything relatively "bad" in terms of contracts on books over the next few seasons. However, if you have to pick one candidate for the "worst" contract on the team, you probably have to go with LaMelo Ball. And it's not that Ball isn't productive or that he isn't a difference-maker, it's more that he's going to be getting paid significantly over the next four seasons and the team still doesn't know whether or not he is the long-term face of the franchise.