NBA: Every team's best and worst contract heading into the offseason

Exploring every NBA team's best and worst contract heading into the offseason.
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Denver Nuggets

Best contract: Nikola Jokic (4-years, $228.4 million)

For the foreseeable future, the Denver Nuggets are going to be a perennial contender. The big reason why is Nikola Jokic, who still just 29 years old and playing at an MVP level. And there's no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. Under contract for the next four seasons, Jokic has to be considered the best contract on the Nuggets' cap sheet. As the best player in the NBA, I don't think there's any amount of money that would be considered an overpay for him. Not with the way he's been playing at the moment.

In fact, you can probably make the argument that Jokic is underpaid for being the best player in the league.

Worst contract: Michael Porter Jr. (3-years, $115 million)

For a team as well run as the Nuggets are, it was always going to be difficult to find a "bad" contract for the Nuggets. By default, you can probably pencil in Michael Porter Jr. as the team's "worst" financial investment. He's due a whopping $115 million over the next three years. Considering he's the third-best player on the team, at best, paying MPJ that much money in the next few years isn't going to be an easy financial pill to swallow.