NBA Mid-Season Grades: Celtics standout; Warriors, Lakers receive failing marks

Handing out mid-season grades to every team in the NBA.
Boston Celtics v Dallas Mavericks
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Los Angeles Lakers

I don't think this season has been a complete disappointment just yet for the Los Angeles Lakers but, at the same time, it hasn't been a success either. With how they finished last season, the Lakers are certainly underwhelming this year. For now, they get a "D+" grade at the midway point of the season. What they end up doing at the NBA Trade Deadline will go a long way in how this year is remembered for Los Angeles.

Looking at what the Lakers have been this season, the only reason they don't get a full failing mark is due to the fact that they're still within striking distance of making a run up the Western Conference standings. But if this team doesn't make a strong run in the second half of the season, all the attention will quickly turn to what LeBron's next move could be.

If he wants, he could opt out of the final year of his contract to sign with another team in free agency. While that remains unlikely, if the Lakers lose in the first round of the playoffs or miss the postseason entirely, LeBron will not be a happy camper, that's for sure.

Grade: D+