NBA Mid-Season Grades: Celtics standout; Warriors, Lakers receive failing marks

Handing out mid-season grades to every team in the NBA.
Boston Celtics v Dallas Mavericks
Boston Celtics v Dallas Mavericks / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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Utah Jazz

For a team that hit the reset button less than two years ago, the Utah Jazz have actually been more competitive than perhaps many thought they would. A big part of that is the presence of Lauri Markkanen, but this team has compiled some other nice pieces as well. Keyonte George is one young player that has shown some positive signs over the course of his rookie season with the Jazz. All in all, the Jazz have been pretty competitive this season, even when that wasn't exactly the vast expectation.

And that's a good sign for the team. Utah may not have the talent to compete with the other talented teams in the West on a consistent basis but the fact that they're in the mix with the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and Golden State Warriors has to be considered an encouraging sign.

I'm not sure if the Jazz is going to end up qualifying for the Western Conference Play-In Tournament but they've certainly performed above expectation so far this season. And for a young team still in the early stages of a rebuild, that's really all you can ask for.

Grade: C+