NBA Mid-Season Grades: Celtics standout; Warriors, Lakers receive failing marks

Handing out mid-season grades to every team in the NBA.
Boston Celtics v Dallas Mavericks
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Brooklyn Nets

Heading into the start of the season, there was a belief that the Brooklyn Nets could emerge as a dark horse Eastern Conference team that could make some noise in the playoffs. There was also an expectation that Mikal Bridges was going to emerge as a superstar for the Nets this season. So far, neither of those things have transpired. And that's why it's been a poor season from a grading standpoint for the Nets.

There are real questions as to whether Bridges can be a successful No. 1 option in the NBA and there's not even a guarantee the Nets will be good enough to qualify for the Play-In Tournament in the Eastern Conference. Right now, there are many questions as to what's the next natural move for Brooklyn.

At least for now, there's not a lot to worry about when it comes to the Nets. However, this has been far from a banner year for the team. One thing has become clear this season for the Nets, though, and it's that perhaps the Nets aren't as close as they think they are to competing in the East.

Grade: D-