NBA Mock Draft 12.0: Wizards get lifeline at No. 1; Trae Young is traded in bold deal

The Washington Wizards get a lifeline at No. 1 and Trae Young is traded in a bold deal in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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26. Washington Wizards (via LA) - Kyshawn George, F, Miami

As the Washington Wizards explore what to do with this second first-round pick, I'd say there's a good chance they end up taking a big risk with this late one. A potential prospect who is considered one of the rawest talents in this year's draft class is Kyshawn George. As a player with amazing measurables, George hasn't even scratched the surface of the player he could be at his peak. During his freshman season at Miami, George averaged eight points, three rebounds, and two assists per game on 43 percent shooting from the field and 41 percent shooting from 3-point range.

At 6-foot-8, George has the natural instincts and athleticism to play multiple positions at the next level. If he can continue to hone his natural skill set, there's no question George has the chance to be one of the steals of the first round. For George, it may all depend on how well he's developed.

In the early stages of their rebuild, there's no reason to believe why the Wizards can't slowly invest time and resources into the development of a player like George. He could be a strong next piece of their foundation in a best-case scenario.