NBA Mock Draft 12.0: Wizards get lifeline at No. 1; Trae Young is traded in bold deal

The Washington Wizards get a lifeline at No. 1 and Trae Young is traded in a bold deal in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
Purdue v Connecticut
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29. Utah Jazz (via Oklahoma City) - Carlton Carrington, G, Pittsburgh

As the Utah Jazz continue to try to solidify their foundation heading into the future, it would do the team to be smart with these two first-round selections. After taking a flier on somewhat of a "safe" pick with Dalton Knecht, the Jazz could take a bigger swing here with this late first-round pick. Carlton Carrington isn't a prospect that has gotten much love so far in this draft season but there is hope that could change as we get deeper into the pre-draft process. As a player who translates as a microwave scorer off the bench, Carrington could have some long-term value for a developing team such as the Jazz.

During his freshman season at Pittsburgh, Carrington averaged 14 points, five rebounds, and four assists per game on 41 percent shooting from the floor. As he prepares to make the jump to the NBA, he could emerge as an intriguing late first-round target.

Much of where he ends up being selected in this class will depend on his pre-draft workouts. But there's no question that there's some natural talent to be explored for any NBA team looking for a scoring punch.