NBA Mock Draft 12.0: Wizards get lifeline at No. 1; Trae Young is traded in bold deal

The Washington Wizards get a lifeline at No. 1 and Trae Young is traded in a bold deal in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
Purdue v Connecticut
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5. Charlotte Hornets - Rob Dillingham, G, Kentucky

As the Charlotte Hornets head into the offseason, this is still a team that is trying to identify foundational pieces for the future. This past season, they began to clear out some of the more veteran players on their roster and you'd have to imagine that's going to make way for a deeper step into their current rebuild. One way to continue to do that revolves around drafting a high-ceiling player with their projected top 5 pick. One prospect that makes sense for the Hornets is Rob Dillingham.

During his freshman season, Dillingham proved that he has the potential to be a dynamic offensive player at the next level. While there are going to be some natural concerns about his size and ability to improve on the defensive end of the floor, Dillingham has already proven he deserves to be selected high in this draft.

Former Kentucky coach John Calipari may not have had his faults when it comes to X's and O's, but if there's one thing he's continually excelled at, it's finding talent that, more often than not, goes on to blossom at the NBA level. Perhaps Dillingham could be the next star guard to emerge in the NBA.