NBA Mock Draft 14.0: Pistons make risky trade; Spurs find their lead guard of the future

There is chaos in the top 5 of the latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft.
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21. New Orleans Pelicans (via Milwaukee) - Johnny Furphy, F, Kansas

With the potential of having two first-round picks in the top 21 of this year's NBA Draft, there's a chance that the New Orleans Pelicans will be able to add two strong prospects to their developmental system. After taking a shot at a polarizing center, perhaps the Pelicans could look to add to their wing depth with the uncertainty that revolves around the future of Brandon Ingram. Even though Johnny Furphy wouldn't be considered a player who would replace Ingram alone, he could be a part of the long-term solution.

There was one time during his freshman season at Kansas in which he looked like a strong candidate to be a lottery pick. Even though he faded down the stretch his talent and potential is very much evident. In the right developmental system, there's a chance he could thrive in a few years as a complementary piece.

Furphy may not be a player that contributes a ton right away for New Orleans but he could emerge as a worthy gamble at this point in the first round.