NBA Mock Draft 14.0: Pistons make risky trade; Spurs find their lead guard of the future

There is chaos in the top 5 of the latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft.
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23. Milwaukee Bucks (via New Orleans) - Carlton Carrington, G, Pittsburgh

After another disappointing end to the season, the Milwaukee Bucks ideally want to figure out a way to upgrade their supporting cast around Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and likely Khris Middleton. However, because of their lack of draft capital and the way their salary cap is structured, that could prove to be difficult. That's why this selection late in the first round could prove to be increasingly valuable. A pick this late, though, the Bucks should probably prioritize long-term potential.

And that's exactly what they'd be doing by taking Carlton Carrington with the No. 23 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. Carrington managed to show some long-term promise during his freshman season at Pittsburgh, but is, without question, a prospect that will need some time to develop as he makes the transition to the NBA.

Down the road, Carrington could emerge as a key backup guard for the Bucks or, at his ceiling, could even emerge as a starting guard for the team once Lillard has moved on or is traded by the team.