NBA Mock Draft 14.0: Pistons make risky trade; Spurs find their lead guard of the future

There is chaos in the top 5 of the latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft.
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24. New York Knicks (via Dallas) - Kyshawn George, F, Miami

Considering the New York Knicks will enter the 2024 NBA Draft with two selections, there's a chance this could be a prime spot for a trade. The Knicks could package these picks to add a veteran contributor or could even decide to move up if there's a prospect they really liked earlier in this first round. If they were to keep both selections, taking a gamble on Kyshawn George with one of the picks could be worth the risk for the Knicks. During his freshman season for the Hurricanes, George barely began to scratch the surface of the player he could be.

With the athleticism and versatility to play all over the floor, it'll be interesting to see how he begins to develop once he makes it to the league. On a team like the Knicks, George would be able to develop on his own timeline without much of a need to contribute right away.

Considering George is the type of prospect who will likely need 2-3 years before we truly see signs of the player he can be at his ceiling, the Knicks could represent somewhat of an ideal potential landing spot for him heading into the draft.