NBA Mock Draft 16.0: Shocking new No. 1 emerges; Spurs add two potential stars

In one of our final NBA Mock Drafts of the season, a surprising new No. 1 prospect emerges.
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28. Denver Nuggets - Daron Holmes II, F, Dayton

With less than a week until the 2024 NBA Draft, there are whispers that Daron Holmes II has been given a promise to be taken by a team in the first round. Who that may be remains to be seen, but this is not a foreign concept. We've seen this time and time before and sometimes it ends up happening and sometimes it doesn't. Either way, if there's one team that could make sense for Holmes as a landing spot, it's the Denver Nuggets. For a Nuggets team that will be looking to improve their supporting cast this offseason, Holmes could emerge as an interested target in the NBA Draft.

As an experienced prospect, Holmes is coming off a junior season in which he averaged 20 points and nine rebounds on 39 percent shooting from 3-point range. If the Nuggets are looking for a ready-to-play contributor, perhaps Holmes could be their target late in the first round.

Of course, that's if he's still available. With the way his draft status has been speculated, there's a chance he could be taken well before the Nuggets go on the clock.