NBA Mock Draft 16.0: Shocking new No. 1 emerges; Spurs add two potential stars

In one of our final NBA Mock Drafts of the season, a surprising new No. 1 prospect emerges.
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5. Detroit Pistons - Cody Williams, F, Colorado

Predicting how the Detroit Pistons will approach to 2024 NBA Draft is an almost impossible task to do. This is a team that is very much at a crossroads in their build and, you'd have to think, that something has to give at some point soon. Even though the Pistons should probably explore retooling their foundation, I have a hard time believing that's going to take place this summer. With that said, there is one prospect at this point in the draft that would make a lot of sense from a practical team fit at No. 5 for Detroit.

That prospect is Cody Williams, an intriguing two-way prospect with plenty of potential out of Colorado. If the Pistons are looking for a player who could immediately contribute to the team, Williams would be an excellent selection at this point of the draft.

Even though he has taken a bit of a tumble down draft boards over the last few weeks, they would be little fighting back on making such a selection for a team that is looking to take a step forward up the Eastern Conference hierarchy this season.