NBA Mock Draft 16.0: Shocking new No. 1 emerges; Spurs add two potential stars

In one of our final NBA Mock Drafts of the season, a surprising new No. 1 prospect emerges.
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9. Memphis Grizzlies - Dalton Knecht, G, Tennessee

Looking to rebound after missing the NBA Playoffs this past season in what will be remembered as an injury-riddled year, the Memphis Grizzlies will be looking to take advantage of having the No. 9 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. In an ideal world, the Grizzlies would be able to find a center that could help replace the loss of Steven Adams. However, with Donovan Clingan already off the board, there is one other ready-to-contribute prospect that could also make some sense for the Grizzlies - and that's Dalton Knecht.

As a player who made waves last season at Tennessee, in which he showed the potential to be much more than a 3-point spot-up shooter, Knecht could be viewed as a potential fit for the Grizzlies. Knecht doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective and knows how to feast as an off-ball scorer.

Next to Ja Morant, Knecht could be a real weapon for the Grizzlies. And if he can prove to be a capable defensive player, there's no question he'll be able to carve out a meaningful role for a team sooner rather than later.