NBA Mock Draft: 6 High-risk prospects that could be franchise-changing at their peak

Are there any franchise-chaning prospects featured in the 2024 NBA Draft?
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Cody Williams, F, Colorado

Because Colorado left much to be desired this past season, Cody Williams didn't get much love for the year he had with the Buffaloes. Coming off a freshman season in which he averaged 12 points and three rebounds per game on 55 percent shooting from the field and 42 percent shooting from 3-point range, you'd imagine he'd have more hype surrounding him heading into the pre-draft process. However, that isn't the case just yet. That could change with the individual team workouts over the next few weeks.

But even if it doesn't, Williams could emerge as one of the steals from this year's draft class. Williams has promise as an efficient offensive playmaker and strong defender at the next level. There's an argument to be made that his biggest red flag is the fact that he isn't a premier athlete. However, that didn't seem to stop him from being truly impactful this past season at Colorado.

If he can play within himself at the next level and emerge as a strong two-way player, there's no question he'll have the chance to emerge as a true building block for a team moving forward.