NBA Mock Draft: 6 High-risk prospects that could be franchise-changing at their peak

Are there any franchise-chaning prospects featured in the 2024 NBA Draft?
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Zaccharie Risacher, F, France

Even though there have been many NBA Draft scouts that have reportedly soured on the idea of taking Zaccharie Risacher in the top 5 of this year's draft, there's no question that he has the skill set, especially in this year's class, where he should be seriously considered as a selection outside the top 2-3. While there is much unproven about Risacher still at this point in his development, there are a couple of things that teams can feel pretty strongly about when breaking down his game. First, it's that he can shoot at a consistent level. And two, it's that he has the size and athleticism to play all over the court.

Because of those two things, it's hard to see Risacher as being a huge bust in this year's NBA Draft. Is it still a possibility? Absolutely. However, I'd argue there's a better chance he ends up being a star than a bust. He'll have to continue to work on his defensive prowess and offensive skill set (further than just spot-up shooting in order to truly blossom at the next level.

To say that Risacher doesn't have a shot to develop into a star at the next level would be somewhat foolish.