NBA Mock Draft 13.0: Atlanta Hawks officially earn No. 1 pick after winning Draft Lottery

The latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft after the order is set by the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery.
2024 NBA All-Star - Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
2024 NBA All-Star - Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Houston) - Devin Carter, G, Providence

Throughout the season, the Oklahoma City Thunder have successfully made the job from a young exciting team to a young exciting team that is experiencing real playoff success. Even though they're probably not going to end up winning the NBA championship this season, this is a team that will be heading into the offseason looking for a couple more pieces of their championship puzzle.

With a lottery pick in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft, the Thunder will have the opportunity to add another talented player to their young core. One prospect they could make a ton of sense for the Thunder is Devin Carter. A prospect who is probably more valued as a ready-to-contribute player, Carter could emerge as an important bench player for the team in the future.

Carter translates as a dynamic offensive player who has shown the ability to get his team involved. That could prove valuable for a young team that is trying to find experienced talent this summer. Add in that Carter is one of the more experienced prospects expected to be taken in the lottery, and this pairing makes even more sense.