NBA Mock Draft 13.0: Atlanta Hawks officially earn No. 1 pick after winning Draft Lottery

The latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft after the order is set by the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery.
2024 NBA All-Star - Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
2024 NBA All-Star - Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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5. Detroit Pistons - Rob Dillingham, G, Kentucky

One prospect that could go as high as No. 2 or 3 that could also end up being one of the bigger steals if he falls outside the top 5 is Rob Dillingham. Even though the Kentucky Wildcats' season ended in disaster, Dillingham was one of the bright spots for the team. During his freshman season, Dillingham averaged 15 points, four assists, and three rebounds on 48 percent shooting from the field and 44 percent shooting from 3-point range. On paper, he feels like one of the few prospects that could have long-term star potential.

When it comes to weaknesses, there are natural barriers that could keep Dillingham from reaching his full potential. For one, being 6-foot-1 isn't going to help him on the defensive end. He's going to emerge as a natural target for opposing defenses. Additionally, he did show a habit of being a bit loose with the basketball on occasion.

However, if he can work on both of those fronts, there's a path toward stardom for Dillingham at the next level. Of course, that's also under the assumption that he lands in a spot that will give him the necessary time to blossom as a young prospect.