NBA Mock Draft 13.0: Atlanta Hawks officially earn No. 1 pick after winning Draft Lottery

The latest edition of our NBA Mock Draft after the order is set by the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery.
2024 NBA All-Star - Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
2024 NBA All-Star - Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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8. San Antonio Spurs (via Toronto) - Reed Sheppard, G, Kentucky

The San Antonio Spurs will likely have plenty of intriguing options to select at No. 8 in the first round. One prospect that could arise and make some sense for the Spurs is Reed Sheppard. After having quite the journey during his freshman season at Kentucky, Sheppard is the type of two-way guard that could end up being an excellent selection. A team that is still looking to set its foundational future around Victor Wembanyama, Sheppard is the type of high-end prospect that would move the needle for the San Antonio Spurs.

For the Spurs, the big question around Sheppard is whether or not he could actually make the jump to stardom in the NBA or not. On paper, that may be difficult to envision. Especially considering he's on the smaller end of guard prospects. However, when you watch his game tape, his efficiency on both ends of the floor jumps off the screen.

His two-way ability on both ends of the floor should not be overlooked and was a big reason why there was some push for him to be selected No. 1 overall in this year's NBA draft.