NBA Mock Draft 15.0: Big name tumbles due to injury; Grizzlies trade up for defensive big

One projected lottery pick takes a tumble down the draft board because of a significant injury in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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10. Utah Jazz - Ron Holland, G, G League Ignite

The Utah Jazz are likely going to head into the offseason with the priority of improving their roster in an aggressive manner. Utah will attempt to do that via trade but one potential prospect that they could target in the 2024 NBA Draft is Ron Holland. Even though he did leave much to be desired in the G League this past season, Holland could be viewed as a "safe" pick considering the high floor that he possesses as a prospect.

Holland translates as a 3-and-D contributor with a high-ceiling promise moving into the future. If he can find his way to the right situation, Holland could blossom into a potential star in the Association. Whether or not the Jazz ends up being the right situation for Holland remains to be seen. However, he would seemingly make sense as a selection for the team.

With the way he's trended recently, it would be surprising if Holland didn't emerge as a top-12 pick in this year's draft class. The Jazz would be a good spot for him at No. 10.