NBA Mock Draft 15.0: Big name tumbles due to injury; Grizzlies trade up for defensive big

One projected lottery pick takes a tumble down the draft board because of a significant injury in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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5. Detroit Pistons - Stephon Castle, G, UCONN

As a prospect that could fall few spots down into the late top 10, I still believe that Stephon Castle could end up being the best guard selected from this year's NBA Draft class. And if he's available at the No. 5 when the Detroit Pistons go on the clock, there shouldn't be much of a hesitation with the team making this selection. Even though the Pistons already have Jaden Ivey on the roster, there's no guarantee that he's ever going to live up to his potential. With that being a real possibility, Castle could emerge as an intriguing option.

As a strong two-way player who could seemingly embrace a role right away for the Pistons, Castle has plenty of upside - with the biggest questions surrounding his game falling on his ability to consistently hit the 3-point shot. If Castle can calm some of those shooting fears, the Pistons could be getting a steal at No. 5.

The Pistons may have fallen a few spots in the NBA Draft Lottery but if they were to still land Castle, it would be considered a huge win for a team that's still trying to establish their foundational core.