NBA Mock Draft 15.0: Big name tumbles due to injury; Grizzlies trade up for defensive big

One projected lottery pick takes a tumble down the draft board because of a significant injury in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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9. Houston Rockets (via mock trade with MEM) - Dalton Knecht, G, Tennessee

In closing the loop in our mock NBA Draft Day trade in which the Houston Rockets get the No. 9 pick in a deal with the Memphis Grizzlies, the Rockets will use this pick in an attempt to find a player that could play a role right away on a team that Houston hopes will be competing for a playoff spot in the Western Conference. While that could prove to be difficult to find in this specific draft class, Dalton Knecht could be one prospect that does make some sense. As arguably the best shooter in this draft class, Knecht is seemingly a player who could embrace a role right away.

While it's unlikely for Knecht to develop into a star player, he is a prospect who could be a really good player for a really long time in the NBA if he can continue to showcase his elite shooting. Even though he does leave much to be desired on the defensive end of the floor, if he can just be average his offensive prowess should allow him to remain in a rotation.

If the Rockets are looking for a prospect that could contribute more than most other rookies will this season, Knecht is one that could fit the bill.