NBA Mock Draft 9.0: Chicago Bulls jump into top 3; Reed Sheppard soars into top 3

In our latest NBA Mock Draft, the Chicago Bulls jump into the top 3 and the hype surrounding Reed Sheppard strengthens.

Saint Peter's v Tennessee
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16. Miami Heat - Jared McCain, G, Duke

No matter what happens in the playoffs for the Miami Heat, this is the team that will enter the offseason with plenty of questions to answer. I'm not sure there will be much resolution by the time the NBA Draft rolls around, but this is a team that has feasted with middle to late first-round picks over the last few years.

With another opportunity to find a diamond in the rough, look for the Heat to take a strong look at Jarred McCain out of Duke. This guard prospect has shown some upside in terms of efficient shooting and some shades of playmaking. If he could have a strong pre-draft season, this is a player that could end up being one of the steals of the draft if he does fall out of the lottery.

And if that ends up being the case, Miami would have a little issue with taking a flyer on him. Especially considering how effective this franchise has been in developing young talent in recent years.