NBA Mock Draft: Final lottery and first-round predictions before the big night

Exploring a few first-round predictions and a final lottery NBA Mock Draft.
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4. San Antonio Spurs - Stephon Castle, G, UCONN

With two selections in the top 10, there are many different paths the San Antonio Spurs can make with this first pick. However, I do believe that it would be smart to try and take their guard of the future at No. 4. If the Spurs do believe that they can get the most out of any prospect through their developmental system, Stephon Castle may be a player too talented to pass up on at this point in the NBA draft.

Castle has some room to grow as a lead offensive player but did show potential as a playmaker and on the defensive end of the floor. He has the size and athleticism to develop into a star player down the road and could emerge as an excellent fit next to Victor Wembanyama as they build out the foundation of this roster.

This could be considered a risky pick for the Spurs, especially as Castle has fallen down some big boards in recent weeks, but you have to love the raw skill set and high ceiling that he's shown thus far.