NBA Mock Draft: Final lottery and first-round predictions before the big night

Exploring a few first-round predictions and a final lottery NBA Mock Draft.
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5. Detroit Pistons - Matas Buzelis, F, G League Ignite

Of all the teams selected outside the top 3, it's the Detroit Pistons that could be the true wildcard in the lottery. I don't think there's a scenario that they wouldn't consider taking. I could see the Pistons trading this pick. I could see the Pistons take a safe prospect. I could see the Pistons take a high-risk prospect. With how uncertain their future is, nothing is off the table for the Pistons heading into the 2024 NBA Draft. If I had to make a final prediction, I believe Matas Buzelis will end up being the selection for the Pistons at No. 5.

As a wing with promise, who also had his time as the No. 1 ranked prospect in this year's draft class, Buzelis could be of value for a developing team like the Pistons. It's unlikely that the Pistons are going to make a huge jump in the standings next season, so there won't be a huge need for Buzelis to contribute right away.

He'll have time to develop in the shadows in Detroit and could end up being a strong piece for the franchise 2-3 years down the line. If the Pistons are willing to be patient, Buzelis is a prospect that makes a ton of sense as a wing.