NBA Mock Draft: Final lottery and first-round predictions before the big night

Exploring a few first-round predictions and a final lottery NBA Mock Draft.
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6. Charlotte Hornets - Rob Dillingham, G, Kentucky

As we inch closer and closer to the 2024 NBA Draft, there are some whispers that Rob Dillingham could end up being one of the big-name prospects that ends up falling. There are even some who believe he could fall out of the lottery entirely. I'm not sure what to make of those whispers just yet but I do believe that a team like the Charlotte Hornets could take a chance on Dillingham as an offensive-minded guard. With LaMelo Ball in tow, the argument could be made that the Hornets don't have a huge need for a player like Dillingham. However, he could add another element to the team as a microwave scorer off the bench.

And the addition of a palyer like Dillingham gives the Hornets another opportunity to hit on a future star. This early in their rebuild, the Hornets should be willing to take chances on projects such as Dillingham.

Dillingham would be a "fit-based" pick for the Hornets at No. 6. This would be Charlotte taking a player they believe is talented enough to be selected in the top 3 while getting him outside the top 5.